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Hookah Pens

Maybe you have been hearing about the trendy new activity and kids talking What Is A Hookah Penabout “smoking” their
Hookah Pens,and you want to know what is a Hookah Pen and is a Hookah Pen bad for you?

What is a Hookah Pen?

A Hookah Pen is simply a disposable electronic vaporizer e-cigarette that is filled with a liquid that is often fruit flavored, and gives you between 500-600 puffs. Hookah pens do not produce tar or chemicals and the “smoke” you inhale is actually just water vapor.

Some Hookah pens do have a little nicotine added to them, about 12–16ml but nicotine by itself is pretty harmless, there’s even nicotine in tomatoes and other food!

Most hookah pens are nicotine free, you just have to ask, or check the label.

You must be of legal smoking age in most areas to buy one.

The electronic Hookah Pen or eShish in UK, come ready to use and allow smokers to comfortably and legally, in most places, smoke indoors, as the “smoke” is actually a vapor of harmless water, making it a much healthier alternative to smoking a cigarette or even regular Hookah.

Smoking Hookah Pens is new and cool, but you must be old enough to buy cigarettes in order to buy Hookah Pens in most places in the U.S.

How Does A Hookah Pen Work?

Your Hookah Pen comes ready to go. Just place the tip between your lips, push the button and inhale slowly, the pen will automatically heat up the hookah liquid and vaporize it so that you inhale vapors and not smoke.

Some hookah pens don’t have a button, so for those you just draw on the tip slowly, like a drinking straw, and let the pen heat up and start to vaporize the fluid, then you can draw harder to produce the amount of smoke you want.

You will get about 600 puffs and you will know when it is out because, your hookah pen will stop lighting up when you push the button.

You can’t refill the disposable hookah pen so just toss it and get another one!

This product also fits easily in any pocket. There are many great fruit flavors available, and most pens can last up to 600 puffs!

This is not sold in stores and extremely hard to find locally, because Hookah Pens are so popular.

Check Out The Flavors!

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  • disqus_FLLS6ndxFu

    I have just ordered a package of Royal E Hookah Pens. The label says that it does not contain Nicotine, however does this mean it still contains Tobacco? Sorry if this is a silly question im just curious.

    • karina G

      Did u get a reaponse?

  • prodigy’s wife

    i shisha pen not bad for you

  • sugaspicesonice

    I bought a hookah pen it says just water/cherry flavor but after 3 hits I felt dizzy?

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