How Does A Hookah Pen Work?


There are many types and flavors of electronic hookah pens, or as they are also known, Ehookah, Eshisha, Shisha Pens or disposable hookah, but they all operate much the same way.


How to use a eHookah Pen

The basic function of an electronic hookah pen is to heat up a flavored liquid to it’s vaporization temperature and then deliver a “puff” when the user inhales from the mouth piece.

Electronic hookah pens can contain small amounts of nicotine, much less than electronic cigarettes. Make sure you read the package and check the laws of your state before ordering

Electronic Hookah Pen Components

Hookah pens contain a battery, a vapor chamber, a flavor tank and the body. Some ehookah pens heat up when you inhale on the mouthpiece, others you need to push a button to start the heating process.

Most hookah sticks deliver between 500-800 puffs, but you can buy some that last for 1000 puffs or more.


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