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What Is A Hookah Pen?

What Is A Hookah Pen


Hookah Pens

Maybe you have been hearing about the trendy new activity and kids talking What Is A Hookah Penabout “smoking” their
Hookah Pens,and you want to know what is a Hookah Pen and is a Hookah Pen bad for you?

What is a Hookah Pen?

A Hookah Pen is simply a disposable electronic vaporizer e-cigarette that is filled with a liquid that is often fruit flavored, and gives you between 500-600 puffs. Hookah pens do not produce tar or chemicals and the “smoke” you inhale is actually just water vapor.

Some Hookah pens do have a little nicotine added to them, about 12–16ml but nicotine by itself is pretty harmless, there’s even nicotine in tomatoes and other food!

Most hookah pens are nicotine free, you just have to ask, or check the label.

You must be of legal smoking age in most areas to buy one.

The electronic Hookah Pen or eShish in UK, come ready to use and allow smokers to comfortably and legally, in most places, smoke indoors, as the “smoke” is actually a vapor of harmless water, making it a much healthier alternative to smoking a cigarette or even regular Hookah.

Smoking Hookah Pens is new and cool, but you must be old enough to buy cigarettes in order to buy Hookah Pens in most places in the U.S.

How Does A Hookah Pen Work?

Your Hookah Pen comes ready to go. Just place the tip between your lips, push the button and inhale slowly, the pen will automatically heat up the hookah liquid and vaporize it so that you inhale vapors and not smoke.

Some hookah pens don’t have a button, so for those you just draw on the tip slowly, like a drinking straw, and let the pen heat up and start to vaporize the fluid, then you can draw harder to produce the amount of smoke you want.

You will get about 600 puffs and you will know when it is out because, your hookah pen will stop lighting up when you push the button.

You can’t refill the disposable hookah pen so just toss it and get another one!

This product also fits easily in any pocket. There are many great fruit flavors available, and most pens can last up to 600 puffs!

This is not sold in stores and extremely hard to find locally, because Hookah Pens are so popular.

Check Out The Flavors!

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The Best Hookah Pens

When buying a hookah pen it is important to purchase a quality hookah pen from a best hookah pens quality brand. If you end up buying a cheap hookah pen you will probably just be wasting your money because your hookah pen probably won’t last very long and it  may not even work.


Most hookah pens should deliver between 600-800 puffs, but a cheap hookah pen may only give you 100 puffs or less. Hookah pens are disposable and are designed to be thrown away once the hookah pen battery dies. Cheap hookah pen makers use cheap components to save money, and therefore many times the batteries they use don’t last very long or the wiring inside has a bad connection and the hookah pen never works.


The best hookah pen makers on the market are Starbuzz, Imperial, Square, Smooth, Fantasia and Hypnotico. There are also refillable hookah pens like Square, e-go, and Bastone.


Most hookah pens have no nicotine and if you are planning on doing smoke tricks with your e hookah it is best to get one with no nicotine or you will end up getting sick from taking to many puffs! Also, many people like to get buttonless hookah pens so when you put it in your pocket you don’t accidentally charge the e hookah and waste the battery.

The best thing to do is to try several different styles and brands of hookah pen in your favorite flavor, until you find the best hookah pen for you .


Happy vaping!

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EHookah – Disposable Electronic Hookah

ehookah smoke tricks

Have you heard of the hot new trend of making smoke tricks with ehookah, or hookah pens ehookah smoke tricksas the disposable electronic hookah sticks are called in the USA?

Are you wondering what is the best hookah pen to perform smoke tricks with?

Check out this poll for an idea of what ehookah brand most people are buying to get an idea which hookah pen you should buy:

Best EHookah Brand

Favorite Brand Of Electronic Hookah Pens
What EHookah Brands Do You Get The Most Puffs From?

The most important thing to look for when buying an electronic hookah pen for smoke tricks is how many puffs and how much smoke they produce each puff. Do this by selecting a popular brand from the poll above and giving them a try until you find the best hookah pen for your smoking style.

You also want to buy a flavor that you will like! No body wants to be working smoke tricks with a ehookah that tastes gross. Here is a cool poll about what flavors people are buying:

Best EHookah Flavor

Hookah Pen Flavor Poll
What's Yours?

Which ever brand of electronic hookah you buy, and regardless of your favorite hookah pen flavor, it is also important to get a good deal on the price so you don’t have to waste a bunch of money while you practice to get good at blowing smoke tricks. That is why we have put together some great package deals here:  Cheap EHookah Packs.

There are many great videos available on youtube to show you how to get started blowing smoke tricks with your hookah pen. Check them out while you are waiting for your hookah pens to be delivered and you will be ready to impress your friends with your skills in no time!

Please don’t forget to take the poll and hit the like button for us, we really appreciate it! Also tell us your favorite brand of electronic hookah with the poll in the sidebar.


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Imperial Mocha Flavor Hookah Pen!

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Check out our latest  Imperial Hookah Pen flavor: Imperial Hookah Mocha Latte

These awesome hookah pens are good for up to 600 puffs of creamy mocha goodness!


I have to admit, my favorite ehookah flavors are the coffee ones and this electronic hookah pen has become my new favorite! Now I can smoke my morning cup of joe!


Order today and receive fast shipping and a moneyback guarantee if you are not satisfied.


These hookah pens from imperial are tobacco free but yes, you must be 18 to order these electronic hookah pens.


Check out the other flavors from Imperial Hookah including Apple, strawberry, mint and grape!

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Hookah Pen Vendors and Manufacturers

hookah pen vendors and manufacturers

If you are a hookah pen vendor and you would like to sell your hookah pens on this site or advertise your hookah pen store or you are a hookah pen manufacturer and you have a good wholesale price on your hookah pens, use the contact form and we will contact you to discuss your options or wholesale purchase.

We want to offer good deals here, so if your hookah pens are crappy or expensive, we’re not interested.

We want to create a showcase with Flavor of the month, where we feature a new flavor or a flavor voted on in the poll, and people can buy the Hookah Pen Flavor of the Month for cheap. Like $5 cheap, so if you are a hookah pen manufacture and you are developing new flavors, please contact us.

Oh! btw, we want a bacon flavor hookah pen!

What is taking so long?



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Premium Vapes – Flavor Vapes Hookah Pen

Hookah Pen


Check out this new line of disposable hookah pens from Premium Vapes, called Flavor Vapes.

Flavor Vapes are available in 8 hookah pen flavors: Tobacco, Menthol, Grape, Vanilla, coffee, Strawberry, cherry and blueberry.

So far I have tried coffee and blueberry and they are both bomb! Good flavor and lots of smoke. It lasted just as long as the Imperials, so I was happy about that.

I really liked the coffee flavored hookah pen, it was like smoking my coffee! Talk about multitasking..

Try them out and vote for your favorite flavor in the hookah pen flavor poll, below this post.

Premium Vapes not only sells disposable hookah pens but they also carry a variety of electronic smoking kits and accessories. They even have electric cigars! Browse around their site while you are there. You can click the picture to check them out.

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What Brand Of Hookah Pen is The Best?

Hookah Pen Brand


Favorite Brand of Hookah Pen

I was talking with some friends today and we started taking about what hookah pen brand is the best because somebody said they had one that wouldn’t work and when she took it back, the smoke shop guy was like:

Hookah Pen Brand


So I was wondering if other people were having the same problem.

I don’t want to put the name of the brand because maybe they are good and that guy just
got a bad batch… IDK So I made a poll about which brand people like the most
and I listed the brand my friend had in there. Which brand works every time and gives you the most puffs, has the best flavors and best smoke?


Favorite Brand Of Electronic Hookah Pens
What EHookah Brands Do You Get The Most Puffs From?



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best hookah pens

Hookah Pen Flavors



Hookah Pen Store

Sometimes the price gets changed after they run out. I try to keep prices under $6


More Hookah Pen Flavors

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Bacon Flavor Hookah Pen

WTF is Rippln

Bigger Than Facebook!? Rippln Invites Here!:

Join Rippln

Would You Buy A Hookah Pen With Bacon Bacon Dog Love Hookah PenFlavor?

Hell Yes I would! WTF? Where it at?

If you would buy a bacon flavored hookah pen, tell me in the comments.

If I can get enough people that will buy one, I will have them made!


I will try to get the pen design with a bacon picture wrap! HAHA!


Why not make a bacon flavor hookah pen? They make bacon flavor everything else! The other day I saw bacon flavored socks, but I think they just got that

way from wearing bacon shoes. My favorite bacon flavored item is bacon, followed by bacon soap and of course bacon koolaid.

So if you want a bacon flavor hookah pen let me know. If it is popular maybe we can all donate to raise the money to make them and share the profits! :D

Or someone can just steal this idea and make them, but we will have bacon flavor hookah pen so who cares? I still invented it! HAHAHA!bacon boy

More Hookah Pen Flavor Ideas

I have some other great ideas for hookah pen flavors, but I want to hear what other people like too. If you have a great hookah pen flavor idea put it in the

comments and I will try to find it.

I think beer flavor would be a good one. Maybe eggs and then you can have a hookah pen breakfast! Yum! Pancake Hookah! What about popcorn!

That would be bomb!.. I better stop or all my trade secrets will be gone! :D

So just remember when you see a wild new hookah pen flavor, I probably invented it! :P

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Hookah Pen

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Hookah Pen Deals!

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A lot of people are having a hard time finding the good flavors of hookah pen at their local
smoke shops. We try to provide links to all the flavors you can buy online and post good deals.

Push the button to check out our Hookah Pen Store:

Hookah Pen Store

Check out the Flavor Poll too, so we keep up to date with the flavors you guys want.

Thanks for all the emails and positive comments! We are glad peeps are getting the hookah up!

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Vote For Your Fav Hookah Pen!
Favorite Brand Of Electronic Hookah Pens
What EHookah Brands Do You Get The Most Puffs From?
Favorite Flavor Poll
Hookah Pen Flavor Poll
What's Yours?
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